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Notes from Chicago Gourmet 2011

Maple Leaf Farms...good duck!

Target Made a big play at Chicago Gourmet this year as a charter sponsor with a central tent.  They were working hard to hand out samples and coupons promoting their Archer Farms brand.


Stella Artois giving out all three of their beers with a free iconic chalice or respective glass.


Pork was big this year.  Stephanie Izzard (Girl and the Goat) and Jimmy Bannos Jr. (The Purple Pig) gave a demonstration on cooking with all parts of the pig.  Here Stephanie and her butcher are prepping to make pig face sausage.


The Peninsula Hotel Chicago was there with some of their famous treats.  These home made marshmallows were great with some unique, and subtle, fruit flavors as well as classics like cinamon.  By the way, for those taking notes, The Peninsula has, in my opinion, the best evening chocolate buffet ever with live jazz.  It's held most every Friday and Saturday night starting at 9pm in their iconic lobby.  Reservations are required more than 24 hours in advance, and it is not cheap, but great value.  (More info)


Green and Black had an interesting use of iPads.  They were mounted and loaded with a personality test to help advise you on which flavors you might enjoy most.


Pierre Ferrand, known for cognac, was also highlighting a sipping rum they have.  It was quite good and had simlilar notes to Bourbon.  Unusual to find a rum designed for sipping up or on the rocks.  I would recomend it for Bourbon lovers looking for something a little different.


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Guest writer and son, Eric Welander